Brass Plant Mister Watering Can Sprayer for Indoor Outdoor Plants. Gold Metal Spray Bottle for Kitchen Herbs Succulents Orchids Bonsai Gardening Tool

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    This Brass Plant Mister only ships from the USA. Please email us if you would like to check on shipping costs to Australia.
  • GREAT FOR THIRSTY PLANTS:  Of course, the primary reason to own one of these stylish brass succulent misters is to keep your garden hydrated. And we make it easy with the ergonomic thumb plunger pump built into the handle. So, no matter how many orchids, air plants, herbs and bonsai you have, you’ll be just as comfortable misting the last one, as you were with the first. A flower watering can accessory that lasts.
  • KEEPS FLOORS DRY: We do want to keep your plants healthy, but not at the cost of causing water damage to your floors due to a leaky spritzer bottle . That’s why ours is machine multi-threaded making it virtually leak-proof. Great for growing new shoots from seeds and gently watering with the plant mister waterer. Hydrated plants, dry floors.
  • EMBOSSED ELEGANCE: Each one of our unique misters for plants has our logo embossed on the bottom, adding just the perfect finishing touch. Not only are they useful for caring for your herb garden or bonsai collection, but they also make a fine piece of home decor and home improvement. Birchwood and Moss, decorative and practical, both at the same time.
  • MADE FOR EVERYDAY USE: Thicker and more durable than other water misters, this premium plant sprayer succulent spritzer is handcrafted in cast brass and polished to a mirror finish. You can use it confidently, day after day, on the patio, in the garden, or in the flowering sanctuary you’ve created in your sunlit den.
  • PRACTICALLY BIRCHWOOD AND MOSS: ​Our goal at Birchwood and Moss is functional and sophisticated household products designed to make your life easier. This ​plant mister spray bottle ​is a prime example of that goal brought to life. A simpler and more elegant life. If you have any concerns, let us know straight away, we'll fix it for you!
  • REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT, GET EXCELLENT AFTER SALES SERVICE: Don’t forget to Register your product with us. If you have any concerns at all, just reach out to our Customer Service Team and we’ll help wherever we can. Replacement thumb plunger parts are available separately.
  • TRANSPARENCY PROGRAM: Our brand is part of the Amazon Transparency Program where every single unit sold anywhere will have its own unique product number. Just scan the code on the back of your box and verify you’ve received a Genuine Birchwood and Moss product. A brand you can trust.

    This gold brass all metal water sprayer is a must-have for all plant lovers. Ideal for misting succulents, sprinkling air plants and hanging ferns in the living room or spraying orchids on the patio or a beautiful addition to your home office.

    Do you grow your own herbs? Do you have a terrarium? Do you cultivate vintage bonsai or need to sprinkle seedlings and new plant shoots? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is the plant mister for you. You can expect a soft fine spray mist for misting and watering plants.

    With its ergonomic thumb plunger built right into the handle, it feels like it was hand crafted just for you with no sharp edges to cut your fingers. Comfort and functionality, like it was meant to be. And no unsightly plastic parts.

    ● (1) 300ml / 10 Oz Spray Bottle
    ● (1) Thumb Plunger Pump
    ● (1) Register Code to Authenticate your Genuine product
    ● (1) Gift Box

    Dimensions: 9cm (W) x 9cm (L) x 15 (H) - 3 ½" (W) x 3 ½" (L) x 6" (H) inches
    Materials: Brass Throughout
    Colours: Gold Metal


    At Birchwood and Moss, our goal is to manufacture exquisitely designed and high quality home products that are practical and functional yet stylish and elegant.

    We surpassed that goal with this luxurious contemporary geometric spray bottle for live plants care. Crafted from golden brass metal, polished to a mirror-like finish, it adds class to any room in your home. Turning the Ordinary into Extra-ordinary!

    It's such a fashionable home furnishing to display, you may forget its purpose. Keeping your plants hydrated, healthy and beautiful which in turn will help you keep calm yet energised.

    Please Note: This Brass Plant Mister only ships from the USA. Shipping costs are available by email. Contact us on for a quote.

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