Ear Saver for Masks with Ponytail Holder

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This ponytail ear saver for masks is the ONLY mask extender / ear saver that offers the unique ponytail cut out!

  • Do the backs of your ears hurt from the string on the mask?
  • Are you a doctor / nurse and need to wear a mask all day but hate the sore ears?

Then this very practical yet elegant solution is the perfect answer - no more sore ears for you - and it doubles as a stylish fashion statement too!

Benefits of the mask ear protector with ponytail holder:

  • Wear your mask with ease in any of your favourite hairstyles with this one of a kind handmade mask holder!

  • You can wear your mask extender with any of the following hairstyles:
    • Plat (Braide)
    • Bun
    • Ponytail
    • Half up / Half Down
    • Some Hair
    • Wigs - You name it!
  • Keeping comfort in mind, this mask ear saver has been specifically designed so that the tightness of your face mask can be adjusted based on the hair style you choose to wear !





Let us know what your favourite hairstyle is and why! :) 


      • These buttons (often referred to as mask clips or mask hooks) have been sewn on with strength and durability in mind.  
      • This should give you the peace of mind that your ear protectors for mask will last as long as you do!

      Whether that be an overnight shift, trip to the grocery store, ("window" shopping with your partner.... ) or long day in the lab... These mask extenders will be by your side (well, behind your head) 24/7!


      • ADDITIONAL USE / WAY TO WEAR YOUR face mask ear saver: 

        The mask straps for back of head can be used as a mask neck strap. You can slide your ear saver off of your ponytail whilst still connected to your mask, and allow to hang while you are not using your face mask.

      • " I use my ear protector for masks in a different way! When I go grocery shopping, I use my mask ear protector as a handle to stop my shopping bags digging into my hands.  I simply place each handle onto one of the mask clips / mask hooks and use as a soft handle."


      • Your new mask strap is beautifully crafted using 100% super soft acrylic yarn!


      • Using this material makes these ear savers for masks extremely light weight, durable and easy to clean! 
      • This unique material and design of the face mask extender strap makes this face mask holder incredibly comfortable and easy to wear for long durations of time.  
      • This means no more tension headaches, ear aches or pressure sores!!! 

      Facemask Extenders Handmade in Australia:

      • This mask head strap has been handcrafted by a local Australian knitting enthusiast, calligrapher and artist.  

      • Every stitch has been knitted taking time and care. And because each stitch is made by hand, each face mask strap extender has its own unique character
      • So each mask ear strap will vary ever so slightly in size and tension bringing with it its own unique individual quality.



      • With over 25 colours to choose from, why not make a splash with your new mask extender strap and mask clips to protect your ears


      • Why not let your friends and family know you love them and are thinking of them by sending them their very own ear guard for face masks!  
      • A special note can be included upon request :)  

      • The ear savers for face masks have been designed to accommodate various styles of facemasks including those handmade from fabric or other non commercial materials.  

      • Face mask strap - 11 cm wide x 3 cm height x 5mm depth 

      Care Instructions: 
      How to get the most out of your mask holder to protect ears

      For best results please: 

      • Hand wash your face mask neck strap.  
      • Mask holder for ears is dry cleanable.  
      • DO NOT iron your face mask head strap.  
      • DO NOT bleach mask ear savers.  
      • DO NOT tumble dry face mask clips for behind ears.  
      • If your mask loop holder does go through the washing machine (it happens) carefully trim any excess fluff (not the knitting) with a scissors or embrace the extra fluffy look!
      • For best results, DRY your mask ear saver strap by laying flat. 

      So the next time you're shopping for the perfect gift for your friend or wanting something a little unusual for that special birthday or holidays and Christmas - or simply to use yourself! This Mask Protector is the perfect match for you and your friends!

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