Race Track Floor Play Mat Game for Kids, Themed Felt Mat 3 in Series Roads Railways Meet on all Mats

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Race Track Floor Play Mat Game
Our Best Seller is Back!

- Are you looking for something educational for your kids?

- Do you want your child to learn something while they play and have fun at the same time?

Then this amazing set of play mats is just the thing!

There are 2 mats available in the series. This is the Race Track mat. (The farm play mat is also available from our store).

And best of all - the roads and railway tracks connect under each other on all the mats, it doesn't matter what configuration you put them in!


  • Each mat is 70cm wide x 84cm long
  • Each mat has a different category of vocabulary to learn
  • The mats have some words printed in easy to read text
  • Promotes matching skills
  • Each mat has vibrant bright colours to enhance concentration and memory recall
  • Great for word and object recognition
  • And categorising and grouping skills
  • Perfect for learning descriptive language and story telling skills
  • Essential skills like imaginative and creative play are enhanced 
  • So get both and you'll have the best floor in the house
  • Made of a durable felt fabric
  • Easy to use and fold or roll up for use again later

This play mat is perfect for your child's racing cars, trucks, trains and planes, bulldozers and tractors! 

Your child will love it!

So Buy Now and get your favourite play mat today!

The Race Track Play Mat! Get all your very fast racing cars and head to the track!

You'll find the Racing Circuit. How long is it? And do the cars only go one way?

And no Race Track can work without a Pit Lane. Can you find it?

What do they do in the Pit Lane? Your child can learn all the racing vocabulary, like changing tyres, refuelling, how many kilometres per hour, race track temperature and so much more!

Why do you think they have old tyres around the track? And can you see the checkered start line and the checkered flags?


There is a big signal tower which all the racing teams will need to communicate with their drivers in the cars.

And just in case of an accident there is a Fire Station very close by. Can you spot the red fire truck?

Every Race Track has to have a grand stand for all the fans! There have to be some run off areas next to the track to keep the drivers safe.


So much to learn with this educational play mat!
There's even a Pit Stop Fast Food place so all the Spectators can enjoy some food!

This mat provides an excellent way of introducing your child to new language, learn some racing vocabulary, what vehicles you can race, Formula 1, Go Carts, MotoGP, Motorcycles and more! Does your child know what a Safety Car is used for on Race Day?

So the next time you're shopping for the perfect gift for your child or wanting something a little unusual for that special birthday or holidays and Christmas - the Racing Track Floor Play Mat is just the thing!

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