Insulated Wine Handbag for LADIES / Wine Bag for MEN! Carry + Pour Wine Direct from your Bag!

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Pure Class Insulated Wine Bag for Ladies
Pure Class Wine Bags for MEN!!!

to Carry AND Pour
your favourite wine or drinks
Direct from your Bag!


BYO Fun to Restaurants, BBQs, Picnics, Day at the Beach, Lunches - Anywhere, Anytime!

LADIES: Colours available: BLACK, Red and Aqua
MEN: 3 Colours: Black, Chocolate and Grey! 

As featured on Channel 10's The Living Room's HOT OR NOT? -
and it's HOT HOT HOT......!!!!!!

Already, almost all sold out - Get your order in quickly!


Watch our video and see how easy it is to use! BYO was never this good!

The PERFECT handbag is now here!

The Pure Class Wine Bag for Ladies and the Pure Class Man Bag for Men!

It's not just another handbag (although we all know we can't have too many!)
Fully Insulated Handbag to Carry AND Pour your favourite wine!

Bring Your Own just got a whole lot more elegant!

The Pure Class wine handbag serves as a fully insulated wine bag AND an elegant handbag as well!

  • If you love a cask wine, simply insert the box wine insert (goon) into your handbag and you have an elegant way to carry and pour your favourite wine, directly from the bag! Simply lift the flap and have a sneaky pour when you're out the door!
  • Or if you love a top drop, simply decant your favourite red or white wine into the refill insert - aerating as you go which enhances the flavour as you pour!
  • Dimensions of the Ladies Bag: 36cm long x 26cm high x 15cm
  • The fully insulated bag can be used for a 2 litre cask wine insert or any favourite spirit or drink! The refill insert holds 2 bottles of wine.
  • With plenty of room for your keys, wallet and phone!

For a sneaky pour when you're out the door!

So all you guys out there - step out in style with the all purpose insulated man bag! The insulated compartment holds the refill which you can fill with your favourite drink. Also functions as a stylish every day bag!

  • Dimensions of the Man Bag: 37cm long x 32cm high x 8cm

And don't forget your Steady Sticks - 2 stainless steel spikes to hold your glass in the grass or on the beach sand or picnic spot! Never knock over another glass again!   


So BUY NOW and get the perfect bag that is multi-purpose! Choose your favourite colour bag and add the Steady Sticks Wine Glass Holders too - one for you and one for your friend! 

Picnic Perfect!

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BUY NOW and get this unique wine bag for him or the elegant handbag for her! Perfect for your best friend's birthday, a gift for your colleague at work, a present for mum or your man or simply to spoil yourself!

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