Plant Mister for Grow Kits - Urban Greens - Porcelain Sprayer for Grow Your Own Seeds

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Urban Greens ~Porcelain Plant Mister~
for Grow Kit seedlings and plants

The PERFECT gift is here for Grow your Own Seedlings and Plants!

Do you love on-trend organic healthy produce and sustainability?
And enjoy gardening and growing your own healthy produce for your cooking?
Are you looking for the best gift for someone special?

The Urban Greens Plant Mister is the perfect solution!

This is the Urban Greens - Plant Mister- a stunning porcelain plant sprayer to hydrate your Grow Kit seedlings or microgreens with a delicate spray!

The Grow Kits are the best on-trend sustainable gifts for him and her! And the Plant Mister is the perfect partner for any seedlings!

Simply pump and gently water your plants. Watch in amazement as they grow. You'll be enjoying your own home grown delights in your cooking very soon!

The Urban Greens 'Plant Mister' Sprayer Features:
  • Made of stunning porcelain
  • With delicate spray
  • Simple pump action
  • easy to remove sprayer for refilling
  • Size is 8cm diameter x 14cm tall
  • Designed and Assembled in Australia
  • And presented in a gift box
  • The Urban Greens Grow Kits and Microgreens favourite accessory
  • Looks elegant on any windowsill!

Simply plant your seedlings, water with the Plant Mister and ENJOY!!

So Buy Now and you can enjoy the on-trend, healthy choice of growing your own veggies and watering them with the Plant Mister! We all know that's the best way and so much fun at the same time!

Whether you're looking for fresh ingredients to add to your masterful dishes, or wanting to simply enjoy a little natural delight on your windowsill, the Porcelain Plant Sprayer is the best accessory to make any plants beautiful!

    Why not give a Grow Kit to someone who loves time in the kitchen or simply to spoil yourself and pair it with the awesome porcelain Plant Mister!


    So BUY NOW and get your Urban Greens - Porcelain Plant Mister now!

    And you can look forward to fast despatch and excellent customer service. And see the other varieties of Grow Kits also available from our store and enjoy more Simply Trendy Gifts!

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